The First Ever in Indonesia Yamaha PM10 Rivage

By Mario Kurisuto Posted on September 20, 2016
For the first time ever in Indonesia, the newest flagship from Yamaha, PM10 Rivage were used as our Front of House console mixer. Supporting the More Than Enough Tour by JPCC Worship, August 2nd 2016 in Grand City, Surabaya;
Photo Aug 01, 14 38 05
the PM10 Rivage performed flawlessly, with enough headroom complimenting both the Adamson Energia E15s and Adamson S10 combined with T21 sub, deliver the punch effortlessly.
Photo Aug 03, 05 36 03
the best part of it, is that PM10 are able to “recreate the superb sound that has previously only been available with analog circuity” according to the living legend Rupert Neve, and yes, this beast put the Hybrid Microphone Preamplifier designed by the legend himself on its console as a dedicated pre amp button.
please do check our upcoming youtube videos regarding the Adamson and the PM10 Rivage!